About Us

The Refrigeration Service Engineer's Society (R.S.E.S.) is more than 70 years old.  RSES has offered educational and certification programs to HVACR professionals of all experience levels.  As the leading provider of educational meetings, seminars and workshops, RSES also provides technical examination programs and training courses for service professionals working on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems across the nation.  , 

. RSES members work in a wide variety of HVACR - releted jobs. Air Condition, refriigeration, warm-air heating and ventilation are four of the more obvious sectors in which RSES members perform their trade. But RSES also has members who represent the piping, ice machine, hydronic heating, energy management, building autommation, sheet-metal fabrication and indoor air quality service markets.

Please take a look around and get to know the RSES organization. The Heartland chapter consists of roughly 100 members.  We are located in Belleville, Illinois.


The HeartLand Chapter Board of Directors